Creating Better Communities 

CBC is a non-profit organization providing food to homeless and hungry neighbors in Venice Beach, CA.

Ultimately, we plan to start a community garden run for the community, by the community, within the community. This will not only beautify the area but also make locally grown, healthy and organic food available for consumption at no cost.

What's New?

Creating Better communities is now a tax-exempt non-profit under IRS Section 501 (c) 3. AND we're going international - check out CBC Edinburgh!

We feed the homeless every week on the Venice Beach boardwalk. If you'd like to help, please email us: for times and further information. We would also love you to help us in other capacities. PleaseGET INVOLVED!

Serving organic, healthy, and locally grown food to the hungry and homeless in Venice Beach, California. To provide for a community within that community.