1/11/14   We have new volunteers! Megan, Jenn, Carisa, Rob, and Alva have joined us to help distribute these past few weeks. Thank you!!

12/2/14   Hot Dog!   No literally, hot dogs for dinner on the boardwalk tonight.   Kent did just about everything and we love him forthat.

11/20/14   We have regulars!!! Warm dinners have been a big hit these past few weeks, especially as temperatures drop.   The best part of me day hands down, when we're told how good the food is!

11/12/14   More pasta and salads all thanks to the culinary styling of Becky and Heimz.   Special shout out to my girl Erin, the best looking/funniest/everything volunteer who brings out the best in all of us whenever she's around.

11/11/14    Dinner!   Pasta, salads and juice were a big hit.   Special thanks to Jaime, Sneaks, Jesus and Kent who made it all possible.

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