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We pass out food in the Venice Beach - join us!

April 2015
We are getting some amazing vegetables donated by Food Forward and the Brentwood Farmer's Market!

Recent Events

October 26, 2014

Douglas Hall, a homeless vet who resides in Venice celebrated his birthday with two bananas, apples, oranges and eggs. Dave, another hungry resident, requested beans and rice next Sunday...

October 21, 2014

Fifty pairs of NEW Nikes!

Today Darin Tanzman, a shoe fanatic, donated 50 pairs of Nike shoes. Accompanied by Becky Murray and Kent Ewing, he distributed them on 6th and San Pedro in Downtown Los Angeles. We were ambushed.
September 28, 2014

Today Becky and Whitney cut watermelon and passed slices out on the Venice boardwalk. One guy was so excited he proposed marriage.


Engaging our community in the fight to end hunger and reduce waste.